Getting the Transmission Together

The Duetto will be getting the transmission from the OMG Stepnose. It was degreesed and disassembled. All the hardware was zinc plated, and the casings were media blasted. The main shaft stack was rebuilt by Dominick's, along with the driveshaft center bearing. Frank at Dominic's replaced the 1-2 Synchroring and sleeve, and swapped the 3-4 with the 5th gear synchro. Today I reassembled the gearbox.

The rear mount is replaced with a new bushing; here it is being pressed into the rear tower case.

Then the shift rods were insterted, along with their lock-out beans and detent balls. The two shafts were inserted and 1-2 and 3-4 shift forks aligned.

Reverse gear is added and then then the two halves are joined. The 5th-reverse fork gets added at the end, facilitated by a wodden dowel that acts as a dummy in the assembly until this stage.

The rear tower is added, along with a new rear seal. Then the belhousing is added, along with another new seal and the cluch fork, throwout bearing, and reverse switch.

Here, she is almost complete. Next will be to add the rear drive yoke. It will be mated to the engine just prior to dropping it in the car, as I don't want to overload the stand untill it is all attached to the engine hoist.
Note that those shiny new nuts, washers and botls are not new. They are the original hardware that was treated to a professional zinc plating. In the same batch, I did the steering mounting hardware, a big batch of door panel mounting clips, and a tube for the Alfetta.