Skimming off the top

Now that the interior paint is on, time to move to the exterior. Obviously the Duetto does not have a 'Top", but there is a lot of area in the trunk lid and the hood! Taken down to the metal, the body revealed 42 years of door dings and taps. These represent a bit of work to either bump them and/or level them with filler. This work has actually taken a few days, scattered in between the paint work and reassembly work.

Over the past few days the final touches were made to the "loose" parts - doors, trunk lid and the hood. A few coats of polyester primer/surfacer were applied, and the end result looks promising. I will sand this down a bit and deliver the 4 items to the shop, where they will be finished in a 2-stage process in a proper paint booth.

I dumped a full quart of polysester surfacer on the 4 pannels!

The trunk lid took a majority of my effort over the past few weeks, as it has been challanging to restore the compound curves both inside and outside.

The hood had only one area that needed attention

I also put the first skim coat on the nose bodywork areas.