Duetto's First Outing


Big day for the White Alfa Duetto! We motored first up north a few miles to the Caffeine & Carbs street meet in downtown New Canaan. Nice collection of cars. What took my breath away was a car that commanded the #1 primo spot in front of the coffee shop: a red Alfa Romeo Gran Sport Quattroruote. I did not locate the owner. We then drove down to Darien for their annual Father's day car show, where the Duetto had its first "formal" showing. No awards, but lots of nice compliments.







Early this morning I motored over to Port Chester’s Wheel Alignment Plus to get the chassis sorted out. Jim has done all my alignments for 15 years, and is a true artist.

I used grade roads across Stamford and Greenwich so as not to stress the tires with poorly aligned initial setup. Jim said she was quite off, too much toe-in, positive camber and caster out a few degrees. He like the adjustable upper arm, allowing for camber correction. Actually, it was needed to use the hub uprights from the ’72.

The lift offered an opportunity to snap some photos from below.

Took the Parkway home and took her up to 70 MPH and finally got into 5th gear - nice to know the tranny was reassembled correctly!



First Light


After a 2 years + of power train rebuilding, bodywork, painting and foot dragging, the Duetto is once again road worthy.

Kathy and I took a short jaunt down to the local strip mall to get some groceries and visit the local hardware store, where many of the metric hardware items I needed were obtained. Engine starts, gears shift, brakes stop, and carbs burble.

Yet to do: aim the headlights and install the covers, install the top and the door panels, install the Pinnafarina badges. A trip to Wheel Alignments Plus will be taken tomorrow to get the front-end set up.

Hope to attend a Concorso Ferrari & Friends event and the 4th annual CT AROC luncheon over the coming weeks.