Family Jaunt to 4th Saturday Breakfast at Patty's


Kathy’s parents were in town for the weekend from Boston. Saturday’s activity was to drive up to Litchfield to attend the AROC-CT’s 4th Saturday Breakfast at Patty’s. Kathy took her ’67 Corvette, as it has an AT and can be driven by her with her broken left foot (almost healed, but no clutches yet). Her mother, Carolyn ran shotgun. I took the Blue ’76 Alfetta and had Dad Howard aboard. He is 6’3”, and was quite comfortable in the roomy Alfetta passenger seat.
On our way home we visited a wine and cheese festival on Lake Waramong.


Then we motored down to Bridgwater, CT, home of Bridgewater Chocolate. This lovely country store was its original location and now has a retail sales; the company now does its production in nearby Danbury.