A White Giulia Super

Well, much to the chagrin ( surprise, befuttlement, shock ) of Kathy, I have aquired another "project" for the future. The object of this desire is a 1973 Giulia Super, which I bought on eBay from Atlanta, GA. The car is basically a "Failed Restoration", which was taken back by the eBay seller after 12 years! Much is here, with a few items missing.

Neat things: Recovered seats; a fold-back roof, new paint; no signs of serious shunts ( a bit of a whack on the deft front was roughly but satisfactorily repaired); bumper intact and may actually be usable without re chrome...; rear fenders are flared for hosting larger tires; suspension looks solid; jack points and rockers look fairly solid and original; full instrument cluster provided separately (dash has incorrect gauges installed); lots of the required chrome pieces (no grill); main door gaskets included and likely usable.

Challenges: No engine/tranny (but driveshafts and trans mounts are there); wiring in a basket (and may not be correct bundle); paint was done at various times, so not a high-quality match - and was repainted in popular white, vs the original dark blue; the floor pans have been repaired fairly well (front patched, rear with a set taken from another super?); looks to be bondo on the forward rocker/wheel well area; no heater or lower control/gauges panel

I am currently weighing my options. I am not in the position to do the kind of restoration I am doing on the Duetto presently, but the car is certainly deserving of resurrection. Perhaps I will just get it together and run it a bit.