Duetto back home for prep

Time to bring the Duetto back home. She was removed from the panel shop on Tuesday and placed back in the barn. After discussions with one additional local body shop, I am close to a decision to do most of the remaining work - filler and sanding, along with the engine bay, thunk interior and fender wells - myself. If all goes well, I will deliver the duetto to a local shop to have the final paint shoot in a proper booth.

It has become apparent that I have no appetite for paying the going rate for filler and surface prep work! The metal work was first rate, and gladly expensed.

On paint: I did locate a Sikkens color formula for Farina Blanco, which is specifically listed in there database as only 1966 and 1967 usage. Interestingly, it shows up under "greys" in their on-line system.

Also under consideration is using a tinted bed liner in the wheel wells. Several brands are available that are clear and will accept urethane tints, so perhaps I can hit them with Farina Blanco also.

Back in barn with all metal work finished

Progress on internal trunk lid filler work.