Family Jaunt to 4th Saturday Breakfast at Patty's


Kathy’s parents were in town for the weekend from Boston. Saturday’s activity was to drive up to Litchfield to attend the AROC-CT’s 4th Saturday Breakfast at Patty’s. Kathy took her ’67 Corvette, as it has an AT and can be driven by her with her broken left foot (almost healed, but no clutches yet). Her mother, Carolyn ran shotgun. I took the Blue ’76 Alfetta and had Dad Howard aboard. He is 6’3”, and was quite comfortable in the roomy Alfetta passenger seat.
On our way home we visited a wine and cheese festival on Lake Waramong.


Then we motored down to Bridgwater, CT, home of Bridgewater Chocolate. This lovely country store was its original location and now has a retail sales; the company now does its production in nearby Danbury.


Caffeine & Carburetors gathering Sep 18

Caffeine & Carburetors’ gathering of automotive enthusiasts had another run on Sept 18th. I took the Duetto up to New Canaan to show her off. I snagged a nice spot on the street, and found myself between a red car and a blue car. Great American statement! It was a truly spectacular morning - a bit nippy, but the sun and sky and cars warmed everyone. Afterward, I picked up Kathy and we ventured over to Westport for a look-see at the Fairfield County Concourse.


Domenico Spadaro Memorial Drive

Today, Kathy and I attended the Domenico Spadaro Memorial Drive. This was the 2nd annual edition, and we had a great time. remembering Domenico Spadaro and enjoying a scenic drive in our white Duetto. Our kind hosts for the day were Mike and Meg Bruno.

All net proceeds will be donated to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

More photos on line at
Mobile Me

Pano of the field

Our Duetto

1965 Giulia Sprint GT


Robert Knowles has assembled a video of the event. Our Duetto can be seen cruising across the lawn about 2/3 through the film, just after the announcements.

Scuderia Ficara..(c) knowles media 2011 from Knowles Video, Robert Knowles on Vimeo.

Quiet Down!

The Duetto has a new center muffler. The Stebro sports exhaust was a bit too rockhaus for our tastes. I purchased a Bosal center unit and put it on.


We took her out for a ride today and she now sounds great. A bit of growl, but no ear plugs needed.

Our destination was Milford, CT, where I took friend Ernst out for a ride around town.


Duetto's First Outing


Big day for the White Alfa Duetto! We motored first up north a few miles to the Caffeine & Carbs street meet in downtown New Canaan. Nice collection of cars. What took my breath away was a car that commanded the #1 primo spot in front of the coffee shop: a red Alfa Romeo Gran Sport Quattroruote. I did not locate the owner. We then drove down to Darien for their annual Father's day car show, where the Duetto had its first "formal" showing. No awards, but lots of nice compliments.