Our Alfas


Our present stable of Afas include a 1963 2600 Sprint (under restoration), a 1967 Duetto (being Painted), a 1976 Alfetta (our inclement-day Alfa), a 1971 GTV ( to be our next restoration), and our superb 1991 S4 Spider. The “Our Alfas” section will be fleshed out with details of these cars, and anything new which might come along.

Another section of the site is being added to display our Road Trips. See the USA in your ALFA!

Getting Underway

OK, here we go! My first blog attempt.

Our interest in the Alfa Romeo Marque has grown over the last few years, although for Michael it started in the late 1960’s, when his first car purchase was a 3-year-old Giulia Sprint GT. Numerous attempts have been made to document our cars, their restoration and the trips we have taken with them. A goal of this effort is to consolidate that information into one accessible site.